Date:November 17, 2012


An interview with Wello CEO Ann Scott

Tell us about your business

By creating a marketplace of online fitness instructors, we are changing the way that people get fit. Customers come to our site, find a trainer that works for them – from yoga to personal training. Then, rather than work out with the trainer in person, we connect them over live, 2-way video. The benefits include an increase in the length of time that people stick with a workout program, improved attitude about fitness and ultimately better results. Our clients find that bringing the trainer into their house is more affordable, provides them more accountability and is more convenient than going to a gym.

We launched at the end of July 2012, after a private beta. We are incredibly enthusiastic about our growth thus far – two thirds of people that try Wello follow up with a second workout.

What business problem were you trying to solve with live video?

For most people, going to the gym is inconvenient, uncomfortable and incredibly expensive. We offer an alternative that avoids the negatives of the gym but incorporates what works about the gym – trainers. Additionally, there are natural advantages to using live video in that we cut out the middleman and are able to connect people across time zones. For personal trainers this can be hugely beneficial as it allows them to fill their schedule during what might otherwise have been downtime.

Why did you select AddLive?

We considered a number of different services and products and found AddLive to be the combination of things that we needed. Our requirements included the ability to white label the product such that it displayed the Wello brand. We also needed to be able to integrate it completely into our website with a design that fit our use case. Quality of the video feed was of critical importance and we found that AddLive quality was better than other options including flash-based products. Finally, we appreciated that it did not require a large upfront investment in infrastructure and so the price was right for us.

How was the integration effort?

We found the integration to be relatively straightforward. It took some resources but overall I would say that it was easier than anticipated. All the basic feature requirements were already in the product, and our team is looking forward to some of the additional features we understand are on the AddLive roadmap. We will be integrating with the IOS SDK in the near future.

What have been the results?

The results have been good thus far. Repeat customers are raving about improvements as compared to our previous product. Generally we are very pleased with the product and the results thus far. I would say that the most notable improvement has been the improved audio quality that our customers have experienced.