Date:October 29, 2012


An interview with buzzumi CEO Daniel Marovitz

Tell us about your business

buzzumi builds cloud software that powers professional conversations online, primarily in the health space. The company is based in London, United Kingdom. We provide real time, secure solutions – which our customers are able to brand as their own – wrapped in analytics. Our solutions enable users to easily collaborate in branded environments for a variety of uses, including:

1)        Creating a searchable platform directory of experts to deliver their knowledge online,

2)        A structured framework for online selling,

3)        A rich collaboration environment which can be used both inside companies and between companies.

What business problem were you trying to solve with live video?

We believe that remote work has to be supported by real time communications and that the future of the workplace involves integrated platforms that mirror the way users work face-to-face. Therefore there is a clear need to have live voice and video integrated along with really easy to use functionality.

Why did you select AddLive?

We did an extensive review of all options on the market. We were looking for a solution that is not based on flash as our experience of it showed it to be problematic. The other key criteria was that if there was a download required on the client, it needed to be lightweight and easy to install.

We found AddLive to be an elegant solution. We liked the vision of its compatibility with WebRTC, which, we believe, will be ubiquitous before long. The AddLive plugin is very lightweight and our performance tests showed very good results.

How was the integration effort?

The integration was straightforward and went very well. We found the AddLive API to be well designed and elegantly written and this made the integration fast for our engineering team. Our usage of it has been problem free.

What have been the results?

Well, let me give you an example of how we use it.  Just last week, buzzumi software, using the AddLive service, enabled a world-renown medical specialist in the US to present to a conference in Sydney, Australia. Our client in this case was Bayer Pharmaceuticals.  The format included the presenter being able to see and hear the audience while presenting, and to perform a Q&A at the end. We were able to drive the bandwidth and frame settings right up and ended up with a full-screen projected image of very high quality.

Using the AddLive API we were able to have:

1)     Rapid synchronization of pre-rendered slide displays (so the presenter never ended up talking to the wrong slide),

2)     A presenter who could see and hear his audience in real-time,

3)     Technical support, who could use a “monitor” account that gave them text chat to the presenter (but not the projection screen), audio controls for the presenter and network and frame statistics,

4)     Separate “camera” laptops that could be placed facing the audience to provide the presenter one or more audience views.

Everything worked beautifully on the day and our customer – Bayer Pharmaceuticals – was pleased with the results. This example demonstrates how a powerful API with a lot of controls, combined with the right service quality, in the right contextual format made for a very compelling experience for all involved.