About AddLive

Building the world's most advanced
video and voice platform since 2010.

Bringing the future of real-time to your application

AddLive is a simple, developer friendly way to integrate live video, voice and text chat into applications. We do this by supplementing the emerging open WebRTC standard.

We see great opportunity in real-time communications, and believe that live video and voice will be used in many applications. Our aim is to empower the developer community to build tomorrow’s real-time applications by giving them easy access to this technology.

Our Story

The story began in 2010, when we started working on a social video chat application. Soon after we started developing, we realized that Flash was not suitable for real-time communications. The latency was too high, the audio was poor with frequent howling, and the video had artifacts and a low frame rate.

We went back to the drawing board and decided to develop a video and voice technology stack by piecing together the open sourced technologies that were available. These open sourced components were being made available by Google who were laying the foundations to the then unnamed ‘WebRTC’ standard.

At this early stage we realised that WebRTC was going to a massive disruptor. We also realized that there were numerous limitations that prevented us from being able to deploy WebRTC immediately, and so we began building these components.

By the start of 2012 we saw that there were many businesses also looking to deploy WebRTC but they were having the same issues that we had already solved. And so we founded AddLive, a company that supports the WebRTC ecosystem.