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Powerful and flexible video and voice communications APIs.

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The world's most advanced video and voice platform.

AddLive is trusted by some of the largest communications providers and is currently deployed to over 5,000 businesses through our customer's applications.
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Complete and flexible APIs

AddLive is a full RTC stack that covers all major web, mobile and desktop platforms. Even Google Glass. It allows for massive multiparty sessions with the highest quality video and voice.

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Reliable and secure global infrastructure

AddLive infrastructure components have geographic redundancies so that there is no single point of failure. All signaling, media and infrastructure communications are 256 bit encrypted.
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Insightful and comprehensive Analytics APIs

The AddLive Analytics APIs provide visibility into the quality of every session, as well as a means to track minutes usage for billing and analysis. The data are also provided asynchronously via Webhooks.
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Premium support for all

All AddLive customers receive premium support. This includes a 24/7 support for Critical Errors, guaranteed response times and video meetings with AddLive engineers.
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Developers only

The AddLive platform has been built by developers for developers. It is highly flexible allowing engineers to build almost any communications app imaginable.
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Built on WebRTC

Over 3 years AddLive has built a full WebRTC stack that forms the backbone of the AddLive platform. This core component can easily be ported onto any OS and interoperates with the Google and Mozilla WebRTC implementations.
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